About Us

We spent years drinking. Sometimes, more than we should.
One day, we started asking questions. 

Why? Why do we drink so much? Why is alcohol so intrinsically tied to how we have fun, connect, and relax?

Why do we need alcohol to do all this stuff? What if we didn’t?

We didn’t stop drinking all at once. But we did look for ways to be more mindful about our drinking. One thing we weren’t going to do was stop having fun. And we found that non-alcoholic drinks really helped in that department.

We found that when we focused on having a good time, it was easier to let alcohol go. And we found ourselves wanting to bring that energy to others.

So we created The New Bar - a place for anyone and everyone who wants to drink less.

We’re not here to judge you. We’re here to give you products, tools, and information to be more mindful, intentional, and healthy about the way you drink - whatever that means to you. 

We hope that you find this place useful, and that you have a good time using it. And we hope that you discover what we know to be true - that it’s fun to be good to yourself.

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