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3 Reasons to Give Dry January a Try

Sleep Better

Since alcohol can reduce REM sleep and cause sleep disruptions. By taking a break or even cutting back on drinking, you'll notice yourself feeling more rested and refreshed after a few weeks.

Stress Less

Without alcohol, your brain brains better. While you might initially feel relaxed after a drink, alcohol can affect your brain chemistry and contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.

More Mindfulness

Taking a break from alcohol helps you build healthier habits that last beyond January. Take the month to change your perspective, try new things, and become more mindful about the way you drink.

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The New Bar is one of a kind. I’ve been reshaping my relationship with alcohol by drinking less, and The New Bar has been a huge help.

- Connor

I love how easy The New Bar makes it to keep enjoying my favorite drinks without compromising my health.

- Emily

I’ve yet to find a place that parallels The New Bar’s collection of non-alcoholic spirits, beers, cocktails etc.

- Charles

Everything you need to drink your January dry.

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