Spring 2024

The New(s)letter


Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! 

Almost two years ago, we started The New Bar with the goal of helping people be good to themselves while having a good time doing it. 

Since then, our small (but mighty) team has opened additional stores, formed and strengthened partnerships, and made a lot of new friends.

We wanted to create a way to celebrate and share more of our journey with our New Bar family. After all, we wouldn’t have the privilege of doing what we do without all of you. So here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to, what we’ve been drinking, and of course, a little bit of what’s next for The New Bar. 

What we've been up to...

We moved into our first real office!

You could say The New Bar had humble beginnings. Namely, in my converted garage. For over a year and a half, that's where our TNB team operated out of, making magic happen from a quirky (and eventually quite cramped) little space. In the midst of Dry January chaos, we finally moved into our first official office, and it’s been amazing to say the least. I love seeing the team enjoy our new home away from home, making this new space our own. I equally enjoy having my garage back, and having a little more sanity in my house.  

Moving Day

We were so happy to share the day (and hard labor) with our friends and family. We ended the day sitting on our new office floor with takeout for dinner - tired and happy.

Hello, West Hollywood!

Another major milestone for TNB: we opened our second location on February 24th. We celebrated the grand opening of WeHo in true TNB fashion - we had a great time with great people (and of course, really great drinks). There was live music, giveaways, and exclusive new goodies.

So much planning went into this store, and I’m honored to get to join this vibrant community. Our amazing team spent many long days and late nights to get our doors open on time. It was beautiful to see the team rally around our shared passion and dedication to our mission.

Grand Opening Day

We grew our team!

The opening of WeHo gave us the opportunity to add to The New Bar family. We welcomed a few new faces to the retail team, as well as our first full-time store manager, Theo, who will be leading both our Venice and West Hollywood New Bar locations. 

Theo is originally from Texas, an avid learner and incredible baker. We're so excited to have him with us!

With the addition of Theo and our new retail associates, we now have 12 TNB team members. I look forward to watching everyone grow with us, and to expanding the team even more in the months to come.  

We threw a lot of fun events....

It’s hard to believe that it’s only April and we’ve already thrown over 50 events this year! Here are a few of my favorites so far:

TNB in the Press

In Nonalc News...

We’ve had the honor of being featured by some amazing publications in 2024 so far, including AdWeek, Bevnet, The San Francisco Standard, and more. It blows my mind thinking about how far we’ve come. Two years ago The New Bar was just an idea in my head, and now people are reading about us in the news. No matter how many times we’re featured, I always feel the same: humbled, excited, and more thankful than I can express for this company, this team, and for all of you.

What's Trending

Numerator predicts that the demand for nonalc alternatives will continue to rise throughout 2024, estimating that the industry will generate an additional $500 million in growth by the end of the year. That’s a lot!! Nonalc beverages are now the third-fastest-growing category in the country. 

What’s driving the demand? People are prioritizing their physical and mental health, and realizing alcohol doesn't quite benefit us in either of those areas. Luckily, there's a good nonalc drink for everyone, and we're always here to help you find yours.

What's In My Glass

Dirty Martini Spritz

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Martini. One of my favorites is made using Roots Divino Bianco Vermouth, a fresh and satisfying aperitif from Greece with hints of rosemary, thyme and wormwood. Here’s the recipe I’ve been sipping on lately – let me know what you think!


  • 2 oz Roots Divino Bianco Vermouth
  • 2 bar spoons of Olive Brine
  • Club Soda
  • 2 Olives (for garnish)


  • Fill a wine glass with ice and add Roots Divino Bianco.
  • Add 2 bar spoons of olive brine.
  • Top up with soda, then garnish with two olives.

Tips & Tricks

The Art of Making a Good Cocktail

DIY Cocktail Syrup  

There are a ton of great syrup options out there, but sometimes I like to tinker in the kitchen and make my own. It’s super easy: just simmer equal parts water and sugar, and add in your favorite spice, tea, herb, or jalapenos to give your drink an extra kick. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes. 

Intuitive Swaps  

Not a fan of bitter flavors? Don’t be afraid to switch things up! Try swapping out Campari alternatives with a sweeter alternative like Wilfred’s Bittersweet, or use Lyre’s Italian Spritz in place of Aperol. Feel free to play with ingredients – after all, there is no wrong way to make something you like. 

The Purpose of Ice

Ice plays a bigger role in your drink than you think. Besides making a drink cold, it can also help dilute concentrated flavors. In fact, shaking with ice, pouring over ice, and stirring until cold all result in very different outcomes. Choosing between one big ice cube or several smaller ones can also make a big impact. The takeaway: ice can be the difference between a good drink, and a great drink.  

What's Up Next...

We're going back to the desert!

Festival Season with TNB

We’ve got some really fun plans for the next few weeks. Be it in Indio, Venice, or West Hollywood, I’m looking forward to sharing a drink with you all soon! 

The team and I are returning to Coachella, and this year we’re staying for Stagecoach! We're so excited to be partnering with some of our favorite brands to launch their new products while we’re there. If you're attending the festival, come by and grab a drink!

We also have many happy hours and brand-led tastings planned for both our Venice and WeHo locations this month. Bring your friends and come hang out! You can get the details and RSVP here.

That's a wrap.

If you’re still reading this, you're amazing, have an impressive attention span, and I’d like to thank you for your support. As a little treat for sticking with us, here’s 15% off your next order - just use the code [ITSFUN2READ] at checkout. 

I’ll be back next quarter with more updates and nonalc news. Until then, here are a few other ways you can connect with us:

Inquiries, Feedback, Love Letters: contact@thenewbar.com

Social media: IG @thenewbar TikTok @thenewbar 

Events: thenewbar.com/pages/events

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek behind the curtain. Let us know what you thought of this newsletter, and what you’d like to see in the next one!


Brianda, Founder & CEO of The New Bar

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